My name is Pam Jenkinson.  I am a Life-Coach, based in central Scotland, and reaching out globally.

3RO Ltd is my solutions-focused Life-Coaching, Personal Development and Training organisation.

I deliver life-coaching sessions whilst enjoying our beautiful Scottish countryside and beaches with my clients.  It is the biggest, broadest and most inspirational coaching environment you could wish for.

“Mind and body are connected.  What affects one, also effects the other.”  Whilst you are receiving gentle yet stimulating physical exercise in the fresh air, you will find it is the perfect space for exploring issues and identifying solutions.  Whether planning your retirement, a career change, or navigating your way around an issue which has caused you difficulty, I can assist you to find your solution.

Of course, if you prefer, I can provide a comfortable indoor coaching location.  Or it may be that, because of distance, you will prefer to receive coaching by telephone or online.

Whatever crossroads you have arrived at, I will be as flexible as possible in delivering the life-coaching asssistance you require.

I chose my company name, 3RO Ltd, from the four principles upon which I believe all effective coaching sessions are based: Respect;  Rapport;  Resource and Outcome

I work with clients at conscious and unconscious levels, drawing on various disciplines.   I will enable you to clarify your current situation, and formulate a strategy for you to reach your goal(s).  I will then support you throughout your journey.

Everyone is different.  You are unique.  I provide a service tailored for you!

Respect Rapport Resource Outcome
“Everyone has their own model of the world”,  During our sessions I will be fully respectful of your understanding of  the issues which you wish to address. For any coaching session to be fully effective you must feel confident me as your coach.  It is my responsibility to ensure you can feel that way, right from the start. Coaching sessions are most effective when sessions are approached in a resourceful state.  I will ensure you are fully prepared to gain the most from your session. At the start of each session I will establish what you wish to achieve.  At the end, we will discuss your progress, and what your next step is going to be.