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Hopefully you have arrived here looking for help with making a mid-life career change or a retirement related life-style question.

Alternatively, you may be at some other major crossroads in your life or struggling with a particular difficulty.

You will find lots of information about me, Pam Jenkinson, and the life-coaching services I offer on these pages.

The “Courses” page gives you access to all of my current online courses (including free courses).

My Investment page shows my fees and some of the various coaching options available, however I will be as flexible as possible to accommodate your requirements.

There are various FREE printable materials on my Resources page, but the best way to find help is to book a FREE, NO OBLIGATION “Exploration Call” with me.  It usually lasts around 45 minutes, on Skype or Zoom.

Choosing a life-coach is like choosing a new pair of shoes.  You need the right one for the terrain you’ll be navigating and one that you can trust.  Check out my testimonials from previous clients on my Feedback page.

Give me a call on 07599 765 915, or message me from my Contact Pam page, and let’s arrange a time to talk.

Every journey begins with a single step.


The name 3RO was inspired by the four principles which I believe are the cornerstones to honest and effective life-coaching .  These are: