Retirement Planning

Retirement is a major mile-stone in our lives, but it’s not the “final frontier” it used to be.

At age 65 you may still have a possible 25-35 active years ahead of you, and many people now leave salaried employment at younger ages.

What are you going to do with all those years?

As life expectancy increases, and savings often fall short of delivering a luxury life-style, for many people “retirement” has become a career-change opportunity.

Who are you now that you no longer have a job-title to define you?

What motivates you?  What makes you happy to be alive?

I have written an e-book, “Retirement UK“, which is available from Amazon for less than the price of a cup of coffee, or it’s free to subscribers to  “Kindle Unlimited”.  I’ve had some lovely feedback on it.  It’s the story of my own jounrey into the “Third Age” – so far.

You are welcome to access various free tools from my Resources page, e.g. Vision Board Creation,The Activity Compass, etc.

Retirement Planning UK