Retirement Options

No two people will have the same retirement options, as everyone’s circumstances are unique.

I can help you to consider all of your options when you are thinking about your retirement.

Retirement is a major mile-stone in our lives, but it’s not the “final frontier” it used to be.

At State Pension Age you may still have a possible 20-30 active years ahead of you, and many people now leave salaried employment at younger ages.

What are you going to do with all those years?

As life expectancy increases, and savings often fall short of delivering a luxury life-style, for many people “retirement” has become a career-change opportunity.

Who will you be when you no longer have a job-title to define you?

What motivates you?  What makes you happy to be alive?  What do you want?

I have both personal and professional experience of both retirement and career changes.  My aim is to help you explore your options and aid your next steps towards this next, exciting chapter of your life.

We always have far more options than we realise and that’s where my life-coaching skills can assist you.

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Retirement Options