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“Six Weeks to SUCCESS!”

My new e-book “Six Weeks to SUCCESS!” is now available from Amazon for less than the price of a cup of coffee. Just £2.95.  Click here to order.

Following on from the success of the two “Six Weeks to SUCCESS!” Facebook Group programmes which I ran this year, as promised, I have now published a e-book called “Six Weeks to SUCCESS!”.  The book contains all the daily posts, and the additional information that I provided on the initial course.

Six weeks is an ideal time period for achieving short-term, high-impact goals.  My e-book will help you to choose your goal and then support and encourage you with daily posts, while you work towards your chosen goal.

You can stop procrastinating over a goal, and move your life forward.

My goal is to sell 1 million (1,000,000) copies of this book.  If I reach that target I will donate 50%  of the profits to charity.

You can help me to reach my goal with a simple download.  This book might change your life!  And if I can meet my goal you will be helping a lot more people too.

Facebook programme feedback:

Thank you Pam, I met my goal to create a social media calendar and post regularly. It really helped me get back in the habit of regular writing, so THANK YOU xxx” – MA, Fife.

“I didn’t reach all my goals but it gave me the inspiration to carry on exploring new avenues. I have enjoyed journaling my thoughts and experiences and I will try to carry that on. In the meantime, I will carry on working towards the goals I set myself….I can see progress…slow but it is there. Thanks for all your inspiring quotes, motivation and support. It has very much appreciated. X” – JS, Angus

And for all the people who love to hold a book in their hands – and that includes me! – I have created a paperback version.  The paperback includes lots of spaces for you to treat this as your workbook, to make all your notes and doodles as you work towards your goal.  £9.99 from Amazon.  Click here to order.

Watch this space.  I’ll let you know how I am progressing towards my goal.  And I’d love to know how the book assists you with your chosen goal too.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, as always, please contact me.


Page 18 of the June 2017 edition of STEP Scotland’s “Talk” magazine

Taking a gap year before you embark upon “retirement” can give you time to make good, well-considered choices for a fulfilling future.

E-book “Retirement UK”

For less than the price of a cup of coffee, and available from Amazon. It’s short, a good read, and full of ideas about how to make your retirement more fun, fullfilling and lucrative.  Click on the link go to  “Retirement UK” at Amazon

Book reviews: “This is the best value book I’ve read PJ and a great gift.” – CP

“Having met Pam recently, I downloaded her book with gleeful anticipation. I was not disappointed. Pam speaks from the heart and struck a chord that will resonate for years to come. Thank you Pam, you have rekindled my reason for living…..retirement here I come, ready or not!! – JS

"Six Weeks to SUCCESS!" Book Cover