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16 April 2021 – Do what you love, love you what you do.

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As a life coach focusing on mid-life and retirement, I emphasise what an exciting phase of our lives this is. With, hopefully, the mortgage paid and the kids now gone, this is time for you to enjoy doing what you want to do with your time.

Of course, life is never short of challenges, emotional and financial. Most people would probably say that the late Prince Philip had a pretty good “retirement”. He was financially secure and he kept busy until health issues forced him to step back from duties. Our Queen is now having to find a new way of living without her husband by her side. Whoever we are, at whatever age, we each have our own worries and challenges.

Most people have financial concerns around retirement. It’s wise to remind yourself that worries are not lessened by over-thinking about them.  Restrict how much time you spend thinking about worst-case scenarios. I’m not advocating being like an ostrich, burying your head in the sand. Financial issues need to be addressed, so get that done and focus on everything you can look forward to.

Health is our other main concern as we age. Eating well, exercising physically and mentally every day can help you stay active and enjoying life for as long as possible. Choose activities and foods that you can relish and enjoy each day. Find the adventure in every small activity. Do what you love, and love what you do.

Whether you need to focus on financial or health issues, allocate time to sit down, look at your situation as objectively as possible and form a strategy. This isn’t going to be chiseled in stone. Stay exquisitely flexible and be ready to alter your course as life changes about you, as it does for us all.

You may be fit and healthy, but that doesn’t mean that you might not eventually be faced with caring for a less healthy partner or family member. Do you jump ship and save yourself, or take on the role of official or unofficial carer. There’s no right or wrong answer, but “Silver splitters” are on the rise, with ONS research revealing an increase in the number of men divorcing aged 65 up 23 per cent, and a 38 per cent increase for women. (Here’s the full article.)

I’m happy to say that I know lots of couples who are fulfilling their dreams in their third age, and others who have been spurred on by lock-down to reassess their lives and make exciting mid-life changes.

For many, “retirement” ( or “rewirement” as I love to call it, because it’s all about rewiring your thinking for your new life)  means stepping away from long-term employment to do what gives you joy and satisfaction.

I don’t provide financial advice but I can help you to discover how to make your “retirement” the best years of your life.

As well as one-to-one bespoke coaching, I also offer a number of online courses, including one called “Pathway to a Happy Retirement”, which you can complete at your own pace.  Why not browse the Resources page of this website and take advantage of the free resources there too.


Life-coaching for you!

3 March 2021 – Doing what I love!

3RO This is me life coach

It’s been a long time since I introduced myself on social media as a life-coach, so for anyone who doesn’t know me, here’s a brief introduction.

My name is Pam Jenkinson, I am currently 60 years old, a keen cyclist living in Angus, Scotland with my husband and two cats.  My focus is helping individuals to make mid-life career changes, and/or to create the retirement they want and deserve.

More and more, “retirement” is becoming a “rewirement”; a change in thinking and being for the “third age” of our lives.

I have made these changes myself, and I can help you to do it too.

In my early 50s, I left my role as a pensions manager and re-trained as a life coach to help people deal with the mental challenges that mid-life presents.  There are plenty of IFAs who want to help with financial planning, but financial security doesn’t guarantee happiness.  No one was offering any help with the REALLY important, human, mid-life issues.

Lack of purpose and self-esteem in mid-life can lead to depression and so many wasted years when this has the potential to be the most exciting time of your life.

I help clients create a life that keeps them healthy, curious, creative, confident, engaged, happy, and at peace with themselves.

I provide a service tailored to you.  You are unique, so I provide a life-coaching program specifically for you.

I work with a small number of clients at any one time, helping each to move towards the goals that we have discussed and they have chosen at the outset.

Changing your life, not only requires commitment from me as your coach but the commitment of time and energy from you.  Life is full of challenges.  The road ahead may not always seem easy but anything is possible if only we can discover the “how”.  By building your imagination, flexibility, and resilience you can achieve whatever you want.

I ask each client to commit to 13-weeks of regular one-to-one coaching because making a big change requires a big commitment.

I don’t own any magic wands, but I do have years of experience and training that I will use to help you to start moving towards the life you want to have.

I love working with people who are serious about changing their lives for the better, and who are ready to invest their time, energy, and money into making that change happen.  Are you going to be a passenger on the same bus with everyone else, or do you want to be up-front, driving your own RV towards the future you want?

I offer an initial. free, online “Exploration Call” where you can tell me about you, and I can tell you how I can help.

13-weeks of one-to-one, online coaching with me costs £4,497.00, payable in advance by Paypal or bank transfer.   “Because your future is worth it. Isn’t it”

Contact me, to book your FREE 45-minute “Exploration Call”.


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A life-coach, keen cyclist and cat lover, living the dream in beautiful Scotland. I administer two Facebook groups, "Retirement UK" and "Fabulous Blooming Women" and I have two books currently available on Amazon. There are free coaching resources available from the Resources page of the 3RO website and a range of online courses available, as well as bespoke one-to-one online coaching.
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