Investment - PicassoLife-coaching requires a huge investment from you in terms of your commitment to make a change.  Your time and effort is necessary to change your life for the better.

The metaphor of a life-coach acting as your Sherpa while you climb the mountain of your choice is an apt one to illustrate my meaning.  I may offer you options of more or lesser challenging routes.  I can provide tools and resources when and where appropriate.  I will listen and provide information, ideas and support.  I will not carry you up the mountain.  It is your journey.  For you to benefit from this experieince, you must walk your own path and plant your own flag at the summit.

I work with clients who are serious about making a postive change (or changes) to their life.

Rather than 1-hour sessions, I prefer to offer 3-hour breakthrough consultations for £240 per session, or a pre-paid package of five breakthourough sessions for £1,100.00

A breakthrough session gives you plenty of time to relax, explore and find strategies to address the particular issue you are focusing on.

We will discuss consultation options and fees during your FREE “Exploration Call”.

Please note that payment is always required at least 48 hours in advance of any session, by bank transfer or Paypal.

Contact me today to book your FREE “Exploration Call”.

You are unique.  I provide a unique service.