Investment - PicassoLife-coaching requires a huge investment from you.  I’m not  referring to the financial investment of paying a life-coach but, more crucially, the commitment of your time and effort to change your life for the better.

The metaphor of a life-coach acting as your Sherpa while you climb the mountain of your choice is an apt one to illustrate my meaning.  I may offer you options of more or lesser challenging routes.  I can provide tools when and where appropriate.  I will listen and provide information and support.  What I will not do is drag you up the mountain.  It is your journey.  For you to benefit from making a change, you must walk your own path and plant your own flag at the summit.

I work with clients who are serious about making a postive change (or changes) to their life.

I limit the number of clients that I work with at any time, to ensure that I always provide the optimum service for my current clients.

I have moved away from charging for my services on an hourly basis, because you are not paying for my time.  My fees are based on my expertise and experience which can assist you to change your life.

I offer transformational coaching.  This is a bespoke service which I tailor to your own specific requirements.  We will agree the method, frequency, length and times for coaching consultations.  I will assist you, to clarify and achieve what you REALLY want.

You are unique.  I provide a unique service.

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