Here are some of the lovely comments that I have received from clients.

“Pam, at 3RO was my coach for a couple of years. She helped me to deliver an expatriation project, moving from France to Scotland. With her inputs and advice, I got prepared for interviews here in the UK, in a foreign language. We focused our sessions on situation analysis, stress management, learning differences of behaviour from a UK job interview with a French one. Pam’s involvement has been undoubtedly instrumental in allowing me to live in Scotland. I now work for a well-known Scottish University as an IT Manager, my partner and I bought a lovely house in Edinburgh, and we are currently working on an adoption process. Such a lot of things achieved! Pam is lovely, mindful, determined, understanding, committed, incredibly supportive. Thanks again to you Pam” – DM

“I undertook a block of three over the phone coaching sessions with Pam when I was experiencing some stressful family circumstances and I wanted to get back on track to looking after myself. I have noticed a shift in my thought patterns and general outlook, I’m feeling more resourceful and energised. The sessions have been relaxed and productive with plenty of exercises offered by Pam in response to specific things I was struggling with. I felt empowered by setting goals and working on these with coaching.” – MB

“I regularly use the Activity Compass exercise that Pam designed, which helps to work out which is the best route to take when you have a number of different options. The very first time I was taken through this exercise, I was able to make the life-changing decision to quit my job and start my own business, and it helped me to decide which of the many business ideas to focus on first! Pam is an expert coach and I have really enjoyed working with her.” – CT

“Pam is a superb coach – I rarely endorse coaches, but she is right at the top of my list of recommendations. She is patient, kind, and rigorous all at once! If you are seeking a change in your life, go to see Pam for a coaching session that will really propel you in the direction that you want to travel.” – MA

“Pam has provided me with high quality coaching which has led directly to me achieving important business and personal outcomes. Pam is especially good at making sure that short- term outcomes are aligned with long- term vision and values. She is a pleasure to be around which I believe is a big part of her ability to get fantastic results.” – SG

“I have known Pam for a number of years now and received coaching from her on numerous occasions. Pam is an expert in building rapport, stays with you on the coaching journey, highly creative in approach and has helped me achieve great results. In short Pam is an inspiring lady and I would highly recommend her.”- CP

“It was a wonderful experience to tallk out who I am, why I am and where I am and to be fully listened to. It really untangled a lot in my mind. I felt energised and my purpose renewed. I now have several handy techniques to use as tools for confidence, pain-relief and self-belief. I had fun!  Pam could not have been more open, friendly and welcoming. She identified the areas I wanted to address and was clear and consistent – and patient!” – LW

“A breakthrough session is a unique and really valuable experience. Pam is a professional and skilled practitioner, but down to earth and great company. Pam enables you to re-think the important thngs and suggest excellent ideas and techniques to try out. Also Pam has warmth and humour so the day was fun and enjoyable. A must do!” – LW

“I can’t recommend Pam highly enough as she helped me look at the next stage of my life and what is important to me, towards the direction of a new and fulfilling career, aligned to the values I hold.”. – TK

“Pam could not have been more open, friendly and welcoming. She identified the areas I wanted to address and was clear and consistent – and patient!” – LW

“I want to be truly honest, none of this would have been possible without your help, time spent together and your analysis of the situation. I’m truly grateful for that. – DB

“I would like to highly recommend Pam Jenkinsons from 3RO Coaching. Her professionalism and warmth are evident from the first point of contact.”  – MH