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31 December 2018

Focus for the New Year

During an end of year admin tidy-up, I came across my journal from 5 years ago.  2013 was when I left employment to work full-time for my own company, 3RO Ltd, as a life-coach.  This was an important milestone for me, so it was fascinating reading my entries from that year.

A lot has happened in those five years.  There have been valleys, hills, rest-stops and diversions along the trail.  My old journal has help focus my thought processes on where my journey will lead me next.  “Who am I now?”  “Who do I want to be five years from now?”  These are the perennial big questions which most of tussle with.  We are all, always, a work in progress.  Change is constant as we continue to learn and grow.  None of us are the same person today as we were five years ago.

It’s grounding to look back and see how far I’ve come over the last five years.  Certainly, my journey hasn’t “gone to plan” but it’s been all the more interesting for that.  I have learned much, and met many interesting people along the way.

None of us can know what 2019 will bring.  All we can do is make our plans, do our best and appreciate whatever transpires.

I’ve developed a simple, high-level structure for actioning my plans which I’m happy to share.  You may also find this helpful as you reflect and then plan for 2019.

I call this my 5-step FOCUS Process.

  1. Focus on what you want. Fixate on a goal that fills you full of hope and joy.  And explore the changes you can make to achieve what you desire?
  2. Own it! Only you can identify, and put into action, the plan to move you forward in the direction that you wish to go.  Only you can make your dream come true, because it’s your aspiration.
  3. Commit to making the positive changes to thoughts and behaviours that will move you towards your goal.
  4. Utilise all the vast resources available to you: imagination, language, knowledge, resilience, tenacity, curiosity, ingenuity, determination, humour, friendships, yoga, love, good food, exercise, cats, etc., etc.  Your list is limited only by your imagination and curiosity.  And when the going gets tough, which it inevitably will from time to time, dig deep to find even more resources to pull you through.
  5. Stick with it. Never give up on your dreams.  Wherever your journey takes you, appreciate every small and positive aspect of every day – and record them all in a journal so you don’t forget them.  Learn from the hurdles, celebrate ALL your victories.

I wish you love and joy for 2019, and the resilience to rise to the challenges it may bring.

Happy New Year.


I am a life-coach working with people who are  serious about making life changes, pre- and post-retirement. See my other web-site pages for more information about the services I offer.

1 December 2018

Feliz Navidad

The festive season is fast approaching.  A time for celebration and fun for many.

I love the crisp, cold winter weather and the luxury of feeling safe and cosy at home when the season get windy and wild.

I like to spend time with the enthusiasts who fling themselves wholeheartedly into Christmas, with decorations, wacky jumpers, jingly muzak, Christmas food, etc.  However, I enjoy the festivities in moderation.  As an introvert at heart there is only so much communal joy I can take before I start seeking out a quiet place for some alone time.

Christmas means something different for each of us.  Much of how we feel about Christmas as adults is influenced by our childhood experiences of Christmas.  I am fortunate to have lovely memories of family Christmases, with Santa bringing a train set one year (yes, Dad loved it) and a blue bicycle when I was five.  A Tiny Tears doll another year.  A transistor radio when I was eight.  Playing outside with my cousins, winter sunshine, snowmen in the garden, sledging on the links and snow on the beach.

Looking back, the years of my youth seem a simpler time, with marketers rarely targeting children.  I was always happy with my Christmas gifts.  (The worse Christmas present I ever received was a pair of HUGE frilly, nylon, purple pants (knickers) from my Aunty Ethel one year.  I don’t remember what I must have done to upset her.)

While lots of us enjoy a happy Christmas, there are many who dread this season because they will be alone, in unhappy relationships, or under financial pressure.  It’s hard to explain to kids why Santa brought those other kids all that cool stuff, but he didn’t do the same for them.

Reach out to others.  A smile or a kind word can make a real difference.  It is a gesture that’s easily within your gift to give, and you don’t even have to wrap it.

The greatest gift you can give anyone is your time and attention and you will find that, like all the best gifts, it is more enjoyable when shared with others.

Whatever your beliefs and reasons for this winter celebration, I wish you a happy holiday and al the best for the coming year.  Act wisely to avoid over-indulging your body and over-extending yourself financially.

To get the festive ball rolling at 3RO, here’s my favourite Christmas tune.  The link will take you to the YouTube video, which I think is incredibly funny.  (Each of this group is hysterical to watch.)  Enjoy!   Xx

Feliz Navidad! – by Walk Off The Earth

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I am a life-coach working with people who are  serious about making life changes, pre- and post-retirement. See my other web-site pages for more information about the services I offer.

22 October 2018 – Retirement   Fun-Time!

What does your retirmeent look like

Recently I was talking with a lady who is struggling to know what to do with her time in retirement.  Similarly, last week a new member to my Facebook Group page “Retirement UK” expressed the same frustration.  It’s not an uncommon issue.

I’ve now “retired” on three separate occasions, and I seem to get busier each time.  Since I first “retired” I have trained as a life-coach, set up a business, learned about marketing and web-site admin, become an avid cyclist, taken up coastal rowing, and this year I’ve taken on yet another new role.

I’m loving learning about areas I have never been involved with before, and my previous experiences are proving to be a huge asset.  Age does have its advantages.

My husband has retired once, and he’s enjoying taking life easy now, choosing to fill each day as it comes, helping friends, being a house-husband and he has recently taking up coastal rowing too.

Retirement is no longer the “cliff-edge” it used to be.  Many people now make a gradual transition into this new and exciting phase of life.  With kids grown up and mortgages (hopefully) paid off, retirement is an opportunity to open a fresh chapter and explore new territory.

What can you do to enable you to feel happy in your skin on a day to day basis?

Are there skills you wish to learn?  People you wish to help?

Your options are limited only by your imagination.

Go for it.  What have you got to lose?

The old label “retirement” has many negative aspects.  Don’t let a label stop you from enjoying what could be the best years of your life.  You can tear up that traditional label and create one of your own.  Perhaps for you this time is about “freedom”, “making a difference”, “contentment”, “relaxation” or “passion” for a new-found interest.

My “Retirement UK” Facebook group is a forum for anyone wishing to share their thoughts or ask any questions about retirement.   I post occasional articles which I hope are of interest, and I keep out the sales-people so it’s a safe and relaxed environment to share concerns and ideas.

My short e-book “Retirement UK” is still available on Amazon for less than the cost of a cup of coffee, or free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers, if you are interested in reading more about my own journey into retirement.

I am a life-coach working with people who are  serious about making major career changes, pre- and post-retirement. See my web-site for more information about the services I offer.

28 September 2018

Choice is your super-powerHuman beings are creatures of habit.  Once we get into a routine that meets our needs we tend to stick with it, e.g. for eating, travelling, working, etc.  It’s simple organic economics.  Our brains love habitual activity because it cuts down on its workload.  Once an activity is learnt, we can do it mostly without thinking about it, and this allows our brain to focus on other issues.

How many times have you driven home from work whilst thinking about something else, rather than focusing on every time you had to brake and change gear?

There are millions of activities happening around us every second of every day.  Our brains cannot process all the messages that our senses are picking up, and so our brains prioritise.  Utilising habitual activity is just one of an array of strategies that the brain uses to ease its burden.

Some wealthy people have “panic rooms” in their mansions.  It’s a small room that they can lock themselves safely into if intruders enter their homes.  Its size is similar to a prison cell, it’s only the intention of use that’s different.

Like a panic room, routines and habits offer safety and security, but over time they can begin to feel as though they are locking us in, rather than protecting us.

Be in control of your habits and routines.  Don’t let them start to control you.  Be aware that you can always choose to do something differently.

Remember to choose consciously every day.  Choice is a super-power that benefits from daily exercise to keep it in tip-top condition.

Creating art is a fabulous way to hone your Super-Power.  You can choose from a myriad of mediums and techniques:  painting or drawing on paper, board, glass or stone, with oils, acrylics, wax, inks or pencils; sculpting with clay or plasticines; potting all sorts of shapes, creating different textures and beautiful glazes.  There are so many possible choices when you start to think about creating art.

Perhaps music is more your thing? So many instruments.  So many notes to weave into sweet melodies.  So many choices to ponder.

And there are millions of options other than art and music.  Imagine them.

Once you create the habit of making positive choices which make you happy, there’s no limit to how happy you can be.

However you choose to practice your super-power, have fun and make choices that feed your soul.

How have you used your Super-Power today?

Today’s picture is an example of some art I enjoyed creating recently – using colourful crayons– and I managed to stay within the lines, mostly.   Fabulous fun! 😊

I am a life-coach working with people who are  serious about making major career changes, pre- and post-retirement. See my web-site for more information about the services I offer.

12  August 2018 –  Are you a hamster?

Are you a hamster

Most of us lead busy lives, either through choice or necessity.

It can be all too easy to get caught up in the daily “small stuff” and forget what our larger goals are.  When that happens, we are like little hamsters, running on a wheel.  Sometimes running faster. Sometimes slower.  Sometimes stopping to catch our breath. Not thinking about where we are heading and why we are doing what we are doing.

Rather than allow yourself to be swept along by a list of perceived “must”s and “should”s, I invite you to hop off the hamster wheel, at least once a week.  Give yourself a pause – quiet time to take a look at the bigger picture, and ask some big questions of yourself?

For example:

  • Where am I headed?
  • How is what I’m going currently moving me towards where I want to be?
  • How long will I be doing this before I make a change?
  • What could I be doing differently to be more effective/happier?

Connecting with your higher aspirations with a regular break to review your priorities gives your daily actions purpose and allows you to enjoy a sense of achievement as you purposefully work towards your larger life goals.

Celebrating small victories everyday can make the journey towards your goals enjoyable and rewarding.

You’re not a hamster, so don’t act like one.

Hop off.  😊

I am a life-coach working with people who are  serious about making major career changes, pre- and post-retirement. See my web-site for more information about the services I offer.

23 July 2018 –  Where do you draw the line?

Choices - Where do you draw the line?

I received a call this week from a lady seeking advice.  As we talked I offered her a contact number which I thought she might find useful.  She replied “I can’t write that down just now, I’m driving.”

I immediately asked if she could pull in, but she replied that she couldn’t.  I then said that I would terminate the call because I feel that it is unsafe to drive and talk on the phone.  The lady angrily replied that it is perfectly legal for her to drive and use her phone hands-free.

One of the many joys we each have as human beings is in choosing what behaviours we are willing to accept and where we draw the line.  My line is firmly drawn at not speaking to people on the phone when they are driving.   It may be legal, but it’s not acceptable to me.

I know that I cannot carry out a coherent conversation and give full attention to my driving.  I realise that others may be more versatile and adept than me in this respect, but I never want to be on the other end of the phone when a driver hits a child/adult/animal/bicycle/motor-bike/car/object for want of a milli-second of attention that was diverted to a phone call with me.

There are very few telephone calls that cannot be delayed until after the end of a car journey.

Would you have carried on with the telephone conversation?

Which lines do you choose to draw? Where and why?

I am a life-coach working with people who are  serious about making major career changes, pre- and post-retirement. See my web-site for more information about the services I offer.

8 July 2018 –  How many summers?

Stay open to changeThe Rose-Bay-Willow-Herb (pictured) had made its annual appearance around us this July – apparently unhindered by our late spring. These tall, elegant, purple flowers add a gorgeous burst of colour to our road-sides and hedgerows. Every year as they re-appear it feels like a visit from a fabulous old friend.

As the years pass I am becoming more aware of the limit to the number of summers ahead of me. At 58, can I expect 12 more years of seeing the Rose-Bay-Willow Herb appear (my three-score year and ten)? My Mum died when she was 95, so perhaps I still have almost 40 years of summers to enjoy? Perhaps my time will be up next week? None of us can ever know for sure how long we have. And that means I cherish every day.

Having recently taken on a new role, I am busier than ever, loving discovering new knowledge and learning new skills. It was exactly what I needed to take me out of my comfort zone and get “my little grey cells” hopping. It’s satisfying to be able to amaze myself with my new abilities. I’m working beside people of a whole range of ages, and we each bring our own strengths to bear.

If you keep your mind open to possibilities, it’s never too late to turn over a new page and start a fresh chapter in your life. The choice of possibilities is always yours.

  • What possibilities can you see ahead? Look again. There will be more to find.
  • What are you relishing about this summer?  Take a note of each of your summer-treasures, so you can remember to look out for them again next year. (Keeping a journal every day gives you a wonderful resource for peeking back to see what you were enjoying at the same time in previous years.)
  • What would you be doing differently today if you knew you only had three more summers to enjoy?

Food for thought, isn’t it.

Life is precious. Enjoy it at your own pace and live a life you love.

If you aren’t relishing your life every day and would like assistance to make a career change, or to prepare for a new phase of life in “retirement”, contact me for an initial discussion to explore how you can revitalise your life.

15 June 2018 –  Look After You!

lOOK AFTER YOU!Feeling drained and exhausted?

We can all feel empty, exhausted, with nothing left to give

Your energy reserves are low, and you want to stop.

But you don’t stop, because you can’t. There are things to do and people relying on you.

The Solution.

Give yourself time each day, specifically just for you, to enable our mind and body to recharge. It’s not selfish. It’s necessary.

It might be ten minutes, half an hour, an hour?

Decide how long you need and create a haven of peace and calm for you.

Do whatever feeds your soul. It might be listening to music, reading, yoga, walking, etc.

You choose, because only you know what will serve you best.

The Result.

Once you have cared for yourself, you are fully able to care for others effectively.

You’ll be happier and nicer to be around, so you’re really doing everyone else a huge favour.


Time for yourself is important because you are important. You may not realise it because, especially when your energy levels are low, your perspective can be overly subjective and self-critical. That’s all the more reason to give yourself time to recharge.

Be kind to you. Take a pause. Listen to your body. It’s always busy working for you: healing, recovering, recuperating, digesting, breathing, renewing and recharging.

And let your mind take a rest from thinking. Instead simply acknowledge thoughts as they flitter across your mind, like white, fluffy clouds drifting across a clear blue sky. There’s no need to react to them. They are just thoughts. You can watch them come and go

And when you feel you are ready, you can re-engage with the world, refreshed, re-fuelled and relaxed.

Sounds simple doesn’t it. Yet it’s amazing how many people forget to practice this very easy, basic level of self-care.

Give it a try and you’ll be amazed at the difference you will experience, even within a few days. I’d love to know the changes you notice, if you’d like to share.

I am a life-coach specialising in retirement planning and career change. View for full details of services offered and contact me to arrange an initial consultation.

25 May 2018 –  If you are approaching retirement, or recently retired, your help is needed!

retirement-study-Northumbria-UniversityFollowers of 3RO Ltd,  and readers of my blogs, will know that I created a Facebook group called “Retirement UK”.

Anyone can apply to join the group as long as they have a genuine interest in issues related to retirement in the UK.

I regularly decline requests for membership from hunky, young, often naval, personnel from around the world who perhaps think it might be used as a dating site.   I feel as though I act as a guardian to prevent group members seeing spam on the group page. Anyone who is allowed entry and subsequently starts trying to sell things to members gets blocked as soon as I notice.

So, I looked carefully at the request I received recently from Anastasia Fadeeva or Northumbria University in Newcastle. Anastasia is a student and she is looking for input from individuals approaching retirement, or who have just retirement.

She has also added this additional information: The study focuses on retirement, specifically transitions from employment to retirement and the promotion of physical activity. We are currently looking to recruit participants for a longitudinal study which will assess numerous variables that might be associated with a more positive retirement transition. We hope this information will help future retirees in planning for a healthy retirement both physically and mentally. Please see the attached poster and contact me for more details”

I am passionate about holistic retirement planning. That means not only focusing on the financial issues, but also ensuring that individuals stay engaged and motivated throughout their Third Age and maintain the best quality of life for themselves.

The more well researched information there is available about what is happening for people at “retirement” the better served our society is likely to be in this respect. I whole-heartedly welcome Anastasia’s interest and so, as well as advertising this study in the Facebook group I am also spreading the word on all my social media outlets.

I hope you will be able to participate or will pass this information on to someone you know who may be eligible and interested.

Please contact Anastasia directly to offer your help and take part in this study.

19 May 2018 – Change Can Take Time.

Change can take timeLife-coaching is a blend of art and science.  People are complex beings.  Change can take time and may only occur when you are completely ready to let it.

As a coach it isn’t always easy for me to tick the box for “job done”.  That’s why I stay in touch with clients, if they are happy for me to do so.  I’m interested to know “what happens next” for them.

I coached an amazing lady last year.  She had was working to a tight budget, so our coaching time together was limited, but we’ve stayed in touch.  In a recent email she mentioned that she still thinks about her coaching sessions with me.  I was thrilled and asked whether she felt that she had benefited from her investment in life-coaching, because that is so important to me.  This was her lovely response:

“Yes, I do feel you and your coaching helped me.    If I am honest not at the time, but I got there eventually.   It takes me time to process everything, but your words, support and wisdom did come into play more than I will ever be able to tell you months later.”

People often ask me what life-coaching is.  Rather than try to explain I invite them to experience an initial life-coaching session, without obligation.

If you’re feeling curious about life-coaching and are ready to make a change in your life, whether it’s retirement related or a career change, contact me and let’s arrange an experience for you.

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