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29 March 2020 – Time to start your journal

Journaling the virus

My hubby and I are following the Government guidelines regarding distancing and keeping to home as much as possible, to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and decrease the strain on our precious NHS.  Milly and Bella, our lovely cats, are keeping us busy playing games.  They’ve never seen me inside the house so much.

I normally offer online coaching so, from 3RO’s point of view, it’s life-coaching as usual.

Make the most of your time in “splendid isolation”.   As always, you can contact me via my website to discuss how I can assist you.

I usually recommend daily journaling as a means of crystallising, clarifying and clearing issues and now journaling is more relevant than ever.  We are living through a remarkable period of world history and a journal recording your daily actions, observations, thoughts and feelings will be an interesting and valuable creation for generations to come.

Everyone’s perspective of what’s happening will be different.  Start recording your part of this history today.

You might want to handwrite your journal with an elegant pen, on crisp paper sewn into a beautiful binder, or simply input your words to your laptop.  Whatever works best for you is fine.  It’s your journal.

If you’ve always felt you have a book in you, perhaps this is it?  (Let’s hope this episode is going to be a short story, rather than a lengthy saga.  😊)

In the meantime, please follow the guidance, stay safe, be kind.

Life-coaching provides support as you are making or managing changes.  My main focus is on mid and later life career changes and planning for retirement, as this can be the most challenging, and yet enjoyable, time of our lives.  Contact me if you wish to discuss how I can assist you, wherever you are, through Skype or Zoom

14 March 2020 – Blown away

3RO Blog Alone Again Naturally

Spring is coming, slowly and hesitantly.  We’ve had many days this month of snow, sleet, wind and rain in Angus, but also some lovely warm-ish sunny mornings.  My trays of sweet-pea seedlings are starting to sprout.

The media is presently full of escalating news of the Corona Virus and many, many other negative stories.  I try to focus on the positives and stay upbeat, but it isn’t natural to be happy all the time.  We couldn’t fully appreciate our truly happy times if we didn’t occasionally feel the darkness.

I have often pondered the effect that music can have on our various moods, especially sad songs.  Do they cheer us, or allow us to immerse ourselves deeper into our sadness?  The answer seems to be “it depends” and it’s different for each person, and at different times.  We are complex beings.

Late afternoon today, I found myself sitting on a log, completely alone on several miles of beautiful, wind-swept Scottish beach, with the white, foaming waves creeping ever closer with the incoming tide.  For me this was bliss, but I have been feeling melancholy lately and the words of the song “Alone Again (Naturally)” came to my mind.  I sang it aloud, with the wind instantly carrying the words away.  I haven’t been jilted, but many of the sentiments in this song resonate for me in other ways at the moment.

It felt good to release this sadness in my soul to the wind and the tide and let them sweep it away.

I have attached the YouTube link (including the lyrics) if you would like to listen to the original version from the man himself, which is still the best.

Perhaps this song might work some magic for you too today?  Or, hopefully, you have your own way(s) of shedding your sadness when it comes.

If you feel you would like some assistance with any issues, I am, as ever, happy to provide life-coaching via the internet or telephone.   Self-isolationists have no excuse in not putting their time to good use.

In the meantime, stay calm, stay healthy and be kind.

Life-coaching provides support as you are making or managing changes.  My focus is on mid and later life, as this can be the most challenging, and yet enjoyable, time of our lives.  Contact me if you wish to discuss how I can assist you, wherever you are, through Skype or Zoom

15 February 2020 – It’s a wet and windy February.

Always Believe

I have to admit that I have not been at all work focused since the start of this year.  January seemed to last for ever and February is plodding her weary way towards spring, throwing up storm after storm to keep things damp and chilly.  But the nights are already getting shorter.  Spring is on its way!

Being of “mature” years, and having worked hard for decades, we now have the luxury of having sufficient resources (at present) to say (for a while), let’s focus on our new house and garden,  bird watching, walking on new beaches, discovering glens, flying kites and exploring this new part of Scotland which is now our home.  (We’re in Angus now, nestled behind the Cairngorms.)

Having space and time to enjoy simply being is undeniably BLISS!  Made all the more poignant this month by the death of my aunt (aged 97) on the 9th of February.  A reminder that, even though the females in my family are tough, long-lasting birds (my Mum died aged 94 on 14th January 2016), our time does eventually run out and, according to one famous source, I will be embarking on the final decade of my life this year, when I turn 60 in May.  “Bring it on”, I say.

My 50s have seen our lives turned upside down after Stuart suffered a series of strokes.  Our retirement plans melted away – but the world didn’t stop turning.  It was simply time to re-write the plan.

We are fortunate to have a cosy, wind and waterproof new home in a beautiful, friendly town, with a small garden packed full of potential surprises for us to enjoy this summer, and I’ve added a few new crocuses (or croci) in one corner to remind us of Mum and my feisty Aunty Greeta as their colourful petals emerge each year.

While I’m fit and healthy, I’m going to continue to listen to my inner 20-year-old and enjoy this strange and wonderful life.

I will, eventually, re-focus my energies and establish new work-related goals, as I want to contribute to my new community and make new friends.

How has your journey been so far this year?

What are you looking forward to?

Life-coaching can provide support as you are going through changes   My focus is on mid-life and  retirement-related changes, arguably the most challenging and yet potentially the most enjoyable time of our lives.  Contact me to discuss how I can assist you, wherever you are, by connecting through Skype or Zoom

17 January 2020 – For the lonely and friendless – as well.  🙂

One Step at a TimeLast week I started chatting with a lady whilst we were in a waiting room together.  When I mentioned that I am a life-coach she said “That sort of thing is fine for people who don’t have friends or family to confide in.”  I had to laugh.   I hadn’t heard anyone classify my clients as “the lonely and friendless” before.  And, I know that’s simply not true.

Most of my clients have vibrant work and social lives and strong family connections.  They come to life-coaching to gain a fresh perspective from a professional person in relation to a specific issue.  By doing so, clients are able to enjoy closer relationships with their family and friends, with less baggage and fewer issues taking up the precious time they spend together.

The relationship between a life-coach and a client is a professional agreement, where each party has a definite role.  (The first thing I do for any new client is send a detailed contract for them to read and, if they wish to proceed, sign on the dotted line.)

Amongst other things, a client has to agree to be honest about their current situation and goals, and to be receptive to input from me.  I will help you take positive steps towards achieving whatever you want to achieve.

I provide a non-judgemental, listening ear; fresh perspectives; ideas; suggestions; strategies and total confidentiality.

As a life-coach, my activities are governed by the professional organisations of which I am a member:  Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ANLP) and The International Neuro-Linguist Trainers Association (INLPTA).  Each of these organisations have their own Code of Ethics, by which I am bound.

Sharing issues with me means that friends and family – who all have their own stuff going on too- do not need to take on a supporting role for you.

Choosing to receive life-coaching can be the most precious gift you can give yourself and the people in your life.  By ensuring you have the help and support you need, you gain the confidence, wisdom and resilience to be a source of positive energy for others.

P.S.  I am an introvert by nature.  If you are lonely and friendless from time to time (as we all can be) through circumstance or choice, I know that life-coaching can be of benefit to you, because I know how much it helps me. 😊

Life-coaching provides support as you are going through changes.  My focus is on mid and later life changes, as this can be the most challenging and yet enjoyable time of our lives.  Contact me if you wish to discuss how I can assist you, wherever you are, through Skype or Zoom

1 January 2020 – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  May you achieve all you wish for in 2020.3RO 2020 New Years Blog

The start of a new year is traditionally the time for making resolutions.  Usually along the lines of: “This year I will be slimmer/fitter/richer/happier/wiser.”

But how long will your enthusiasm last?  How long did you maintain your dedication to your resolution last year?

Richard J. Wiseman, author and Professor of the Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, published an interesting article in 2007, about the likelihood of success with resolutions, called “The New Year’s Resolution Project”.  I have attached the link to it below.


Most life-coaches will advise that asking yourself the following questions (in some form or other) will help you succeed in setting your resolution:

  1. Why do you want to make the change?
  2. Is your goal concrete and measurable?
  3. What is your plan?
  4. Who can support you as you work toward change?
  5. How will you celebrate each positive step on your journey?

Each of these questions is important, but the first question is crucial because it focuses on motivation.  Are you setting a goal that you sincerely want to achieve? (Excellent!)   Or are you setting a goal that you think you should want to achieve?  (Doomed to fail!)

An achievable resolution, that you truly want to reach, will energise and inspire you from the moment you set your sights on it.  You will fixate on it every day, celebrating the completion of each activity that take you a step closer to reaching your goal.  You will feel smug and successful each time you take another positive action.   You will have worked out every step of your journey in your imagination and know the exact date and time that you can realistically expect to cross the finish line.

So, what do you really want to achieve this year?  Initially, it could be simply to feel completely rested after the festive season.  That’s ok, and would be an excellent start.    You can ensure you enjoy enough sleep and quiet time to recharge your energy, and that will put you in a great position, mentally and physically to choose a new goal, when you feel ready.  That sounds like a fabulous, positive start to the year, doesn’t it!

A resolution doesn’t have to be world-changing.  It only needs to make a difference for you.

You can make any number of resolutions, any time throughout the year.  Consistently taking small steps means that after a week or a month you can surprise yourself by reviewing how much you have achieved.

Sit down with a pad and pen and take five minutes to jot down everything you achieved last year.  I guarantee you will be shocked at how much you achieved, without even appreciating what you were doing.  All those small tasks you undertook each day add up to a huge body of effort by the end of the year.  You will have met people, gained knowledge, learned new skills, made people smile, helped people in hundreds of small and large ways, dealt with challenging events, eaten, slept, loved, laughed, cried and survived.

Well done!

You have already demonstrated that you have the ability to achieve multiple goals, every day.

Enjoy your new year of abundant achievements.  Where they take you, depends on how and where you choose to direct your energy.

Choose wisely.

And you have already begun – see below.   x

√    I enjoyed reading the excellent new year 3RO blog   😊

Life-coaching provides support as you are going through changes.  My focus is on mid and later life changes, as this can be the most challenging and yet enjoyable time of our lives.  Contact me if you wish to discuss how I can assist you.

18 December 2019 – 3RO Festive Video

As I reflect on 2019, I notice that initially I focus on the stresses and strains that occurred.  That’s human nature!  However, upon further reflection I realise that there have been many positive changes over this year – not least our house move to the beautiful county of Angus.  I have much to be grateful for.

2019 will have been different for each of us.  Good for some.  Not so good for others.

Whatever stage of life you are at:  child; teenager; adult; senior, life brings it’s own worries and responsibilities.  It also brings it’s own advantages and opportunties

I hope 2020 brings you health and happiness, and the resilience to always find something positive from whatever challenges life brings.

Topping up your energy during the good times, showing kindness to others, making precious memories with sunshine and inspirational people, will help you find the inner strength when you need it.


P.S.  Sorry about the soundtrack, but it’s only 13 seconds.  Tra la.  🙂

Life-coaching can be a huge support through life-changes.  My focus is on mid and later life changes, as this can be the best and yet the most challenging time of our lives.  Contact me if you wish to discuss how I can assist you.

20 November 2019 – Maple Cottage

A lot has happened since my last post on 3rd October – over 7 weeks ago!  Hubby and I are now happily nestled in our new home, “Maple Cottage”, in the cathedral city of Brechin, in beautiful Angus.  We haven’t had much time explore yet, but at last everything is unpacked and ten thousand (it seemed) cardboard boxes have gone to recycling – because, apparently, we are now too remote for the removal firm to return and collect them.

All my concerns about being home-sick for our old place have melted away as we have absolutely fallen in love with Maple Cottage.

Maple Cottage - HalThis picture shows a stone cat which we brought with us.  It reminds us of one of our old cats “Hal” (an awesome seal coloured Burmese) who died many, many moons ago.  It is lovely to see him surrounded by the many small, golden maple leaves which have fallen from the gorgeous maple tree in the centre of our small garden.

People in Angus are so friendly, we’ve been bowled over by the lovely welcome we have received.  The weather is amazingly different considering we have moved only just over 100 miles (less than a degree north and just over one-degree east).  The cold is very cold, the rain is very wet and the sunshine is stunningly bright.  The decrease in the population is tangible.  The sky feels bigger, the air feels cleaner.  I wish we had made this change years ago, instead of waiting for the “right time”.

To the east, we are only 10 miles away from the fabulous Lunan Bay Beach and we are just 10 minutes away from Scurdieness Lighthouse and the Montrose Basin.  To the west, the Angus Glens are waiting for us to explore, and to the north there are many mountains and shores to investigate.  These were all contributory factors to our making this move.

Last week I joined a local Burlesque Chair Dance program, which runs in the “Crickety” (an excellent small social venue) nearby.  Joining groups isn’t easy for an introvert like me and I dreaded going along but, once there, I really enjoyed it.  There’s seems to only be 4-6 people in each class here, at the moment, and it is huge fun trying to follow the moves that our wonderfully patient instructor, Brenda, demonstrates.   Here’s a link to show how the current routine we are working on should look.  I am, as ever, a work in progress.  😊


I can highly recommend BCD as good fun way of stretching and exercising, especially through these cold winter months, where UK outdoor activities call for bulky clothes.  Why not Google to find your local Burlesque Chair Dance instructor?  (Sorry guys, I think this is a ladies only activity at the moment, but with enough demand I’m sure you could change that.)

Yes, moving house was stressful and there were ups and downs along the way, but the end result is more than worth the upheaval.  Bella and Milly (our cats) have taken to the house like ducks to water.  They couldn’t be happier, despite all my reservations about how they might be negatively affected by the disruption.

For us this move was part of our retirement plan, and we are finding that our “retirement” continues to change and develop – but that’s life. Flexibility in thought and action enables us to maintain control of a fluid situation, rather than feeling at the mercy of circumstances.

So, what are you delaying and dithering about that you could be doing now?

If you would like to receive coaching via Skype, Zoom or phone about making a change, I’d be happy to help and, as always, I can be contacted via the 3RO Ltd website, or click here to be taken to my contact page.

Thanks for reading this article through to the end.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoy sharing with you.

Watch this space for my pre-Christmas blog next month.


Life-coaching can be a huge support through life-changes.  My focus is on mid and later life changes, as this can be the best and yet the most challenging time of our lives.  Contact me if you wish to discuss how I can assist you.