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3RO life-coaching treasure hunt

24 March 2021 – Treasure Hunt

I love spending time on this Treasure Hunt, seeking out the single item in each category I will choose today.

There’s always so much to learn and enjoy on the journey.  And when I find lots of items to choose from, I know that the ones I leave behind today, I can return to at another time.

I’ve given you some brief suggestions for each category (in purple) but your choices are limited only by your own preferences and imagination.  Give yourself the gift of some quiet time to explore and find your own treasures.

Here’s your Treasure Hunting list.

Find something that:

  1. makes you smile.
    A cartoon?  A joke? Memorabilia that bring good times to mind?
  2.  you can give to someone else, to make them smile.
    What will you choose to give someone to make them smile today?  It doesn’t have to cost anything.  It could be something as simple as making a couple of tea for someone.  Who would you like to see smile?
  3. smells gorgeous. 
    Could be freshly ground coffee beans, your baby’s skin, your cat’s fur, a flower, motor-cycle engine fumes, soup, syrup, the options are endless.  How will you choose?
  4. looks beautiful. 
    A flower? A tree? Art? A snowflake? A crocodile?  It’s in the eye of the beholder. 
  5. intrigues you. 
    A riddle?  A conundrum? Where do all the birds go at night? What puzzles you?
  6. is essential to you. 
    What makes your day/week/life complete? A partner?  A child?  Coffee?  Chocolate? What do you need to feel at peace? 
  7. makes you feel grateful.  ,
    What are you thankful for? 

This is a lovely activity to keep in your self-care tool-kit.

Your answers will vary depending on your mood and your situation, but that’s ok.  It means you’ll explore a bit more every time you do it.

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3RO Help with survey

28 February 2021 – Mind and Body

I focus on helping with mid-life changes of direction and in making retirement the best years of your life.

As I’m 60 myself, I am on my own mid-life journey, every day.

I am fortunate to be fit and I love to be active. For me, the mind-body connection is very real. I feel good physically and mentally if I stay active. I’m no athlete, but I’ve been a keen walker and cyclist for many years.

On snowy, cold, wet, miserable Scottish days during lock-down, I have had to find ways to stay active around the house: running up-and down stairs, bouncing around on a giant gym ball and, using a mini trampette.

If I do have a day or so of inactivity, for any reason, I find my limbs begin to stiffen and my mood begins to dip. I feel full of pent-up energy – unless I’m poorly, which doesn’t happen often, but I am only human.

The Fitbit is my friend and helps me monitor my input and activity each day. Having lost 30lbs in weight last year I’m determined not to let them creep back on. (Which can easily happen, especially in lockdown.) Who was it that said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”? It’s true. I don’t want to go back to hauling around those 15 bags of sugar everywhere with me again.

This month I’m entering the world of “foot-biking” or “kick-biking”, which are just other names for adult-scootering. This is a great way of exercising, which is very popular around the globe, but not yet very popular in the UK.

You can follow my progress over the following weeks and months on social media (e.g. Facebook,TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn)

Because of my interest in mid-life change, I have received a request through social media, and I’d like to ask for your help.

Martha Lee asked if I could help her find participants for a study she’s undertaking. Here’s Martha’s message:

“We are a group of third-year neuroscience students at the University of Nottingham. As part of our dissertation project, we are carrying out an investigation into motivational factors for exercise in adults of retirement age (60+ years). We would be very grateful if you would complete the survey to help us further our understanding of this important area of science. The survey should not take more than 5 minutes to complete, is anonymous, and not for commercial gain. The results will be used solely for the purpose of scientific research.”

Martha has sent a link to the survey.


I’ve completed the survey myself and it really was quick, easy, and anonymous.

I know that motivation to be active can vary hugely between individuals, for lots of different reasons, so research in this area is bound to be useful.

It would be lovely if you could find ten minutes to help Martha with her research because it’s nice to help when you can.

I offer FREE 45-minute Exploration Calls if you would like to discuss how I can help you.  Contact me to book your appointment.

3RO Blog Brick Life Coaching

14 January 2021 – Find what brings you joy.

I came across this interesting article which I thought I would share with you.

I must admit that I did bring home a half-brick that I found on the beach several years ago, because it had a giant capital “P” on it, and its edges had been beautifully softened by the tides. I use it as a door stop.

I never dreamt of developing that find into a brick collection, but I can quite understand how that could happen.

One of the joys of being the masters/mistresses of our own time in retirement is that we can spend our time however we wish.

You’ve worked hard all your life, serving other people’s needs.  Mid-life oftens presents a cross-roads where you can, perhaps, choose to continue as before, make a career change or take retirement.

Even if you choose retirement, you will need to consider how are you going to spend your time in retirement.  30-40 years is a long-time to holiday and play with grand-kids.  After the initial euphoria of “freedom”, boredom can set in and ultimately lack of purpose and motivation can have an extremely negative effect, both phyiscally aand mentally.

So, what’s your passion? How do you love to spend your time?

And if you haven’t found your passion yet, I can help you with that. Either with one of my online life-coaching courses or with a one-to-one life-coaching session. An initial 45-minute “Exploration Call” is free, so you can discover how much you are going to enjoy life-coaching and benefit from my help.

Message me from my Contact Pam page, and let’s arrange a time to talk.

Every journey begins with a single step.

Here’s the link to the article:  https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/brick-collecting?utm_source=pocket-newtab-global-en-GB

5 January 2021 – New Year, New Initiative!

With the start of this new year, I’m excited to announce a new initiative.  I’m calling it the “Win/Win/Win Initiative”.

Simply put, whenever a new client tells me that they are buying one of my online courses or coaching packages because of a recommendation, I will pass 25% of the purchase price to the lovely person who recommended that new client to me.

I can make the payment either by direct bank transfer or to your Paypal account, whichever you prefer.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to receive cash by either of those options, I will give you a credit of DOUBLE that amount towards any of my online courses, or coaching from me.

It’s win/win/win because:

  • it helps me to spread the word about my offers and connect with more clients;
  • you can choose the cash or credit benefit of your choice; and
  • more clients will benefit from being able to find me.

I would much rather use my marketing budget in this way this year, sharing my income with people who already know me, instead of paying Facebook for advertising and being at the mercy of their perpetually, perplexing algorithms.

You don’t even have to sign up to be a part of this initiative, as I’m not a huge fan of accumulating email addresses and, despite all marketing advice to the contrary, I do not issue marketing emails to people on my mailing list.

If you do recommend me to someone, it will help me to pass on your benefits if you can let me know, either via Facebook, my website or by email.

I hope you like this idea as much as I do, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay safe, take care.   xx

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