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18 April 2018 – If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

From Canaletto to Kenni-lettoMy primary passion is assisting people to plan holistically for their best possible “retirement” (also known as the “Third Age”).

This 4-minute BBC video gives a fabulous example of an inspirational gentleman, Ken Small, who after years of working as an engineer, followed his passion to do something completely different. He doesn’t just copy works of art, he improves them!

You are limited only by your imagination, and the further in advance you plan, the easier it will be for your dreams to come true.

I’ll make this a really short blog, and simply let Ken share his passion with you.

Click here to watch the video:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p060wbcx

I offer one-to-one coaching for people approaching their Third Age.  It starts with a free telephone consultation.

I also offer an email course, spread out over four weeks and includes a telephone consultation of up to one hour, to guide you through planning for your Third Age.

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4 April 2018 – Holiday Planning For Your Third Age.

Have you managed to get away for a holiday yet this year?

Perhaps you have organised a well-earned break for some time soon?

Planning for the holiday is where the whole experience starts.  For many the anticipation is just as much fun, sometimes more, than the holiday itself.

“When asked which marketing channels they use for holiday inspiration, 60% of respondents said they engaged with up to 8 marketing touch-points, including paid search ads, holiday brochures, brand website, travel review sites and social media.” – https://www.mediahawk.co.uk/uk-holiday-planning-and-booking-trends-report-2016/

It’s difficult to estimate how much time people spend planning their holidays.  Many people now take more than one significant break per year.  Some will slowly ponder various options for months before making a booking.  Others may make a last minute impulsive decision, but probably after scouting around various options previously.

The fact is that people spend a substantial amount of time planning for those one or two week breaks that take them away from their day-to-day lives.

That’s perfectly understandable.  Holidays are important.

What I struggle to understand is why that same eagerness and anticipation cannot be found when “retirement planning” is mentioned.

“Retirement” is the gateway to your Third Age.  An age of fulfilment.  A time for you to do what you really want to do, for you, after years of working hard to pay the mortgage, and to feed and clothe the kids.

So why do people generally feel that once they’ve set up a direct debit to the savings account, invested in property, and/or agreed a level of pension contributions, they can legitimately avoid thinking any more deeply about how they want this Third Age of their life to be?

Your Third Age has the potential to be the biggest and best holiday of your life.  It not only deserves your financial investment, it needs you to plan the itinerary too.

Where do you want to be?
Who do you want to be with?
What do you want to do, and when?
Where will the most fun bits be?
How is it going to happen?

It’s never too early to start dreaming and imagining about your fabulous Third Age.

And then, you can make sure your dreams come true.

I offer one-to-one coaching for people approaching their Third Age.

I also offer an email course, spread out over four weeks and including a telephone consultation of up to one hour, to guide you through planning for your Third Age.

Contact me if you would like to discuss, without obligation, how I can assist you.

27 March 2018 – Prepare to Embrace your Third Age – The Age of Fulfilment.

Prepare to Embrace Your Third Age

Mid-life marks the beginning of what many people now refer to as the “Third Age”.
Our Third Age runs from around ages 50 to 75, but everyone is slightly different.
The Third Age has developed because of our increasing life expectancy. It is a bonus of approximately 30 years which were not available to previous generations. These years are rich with possibilities and potential, for creating of new roles and identities, finding new meaning and experiencing profound changes.

Our Third Age can be a time of renewal and transformation. We can regard it as an opportunity as well as a challenge.

The Four Ages of Life.

The concept of four distinct life stages is an ancient one. Hinduism refers to each stage as an Ashrama.  Carl Jung called the four stages: The Athlete, The Warrior, The Statement and The Spirit.  so, this isn’t a new concept but one which has been updated to make it more relevant to individuals approaching mid-life in our modern society.

The framework of the four ages of life is a useful concept for understanding where you are at when you reach mid-life.

Generally each “age” is about 20-25 years and has its own particular focus. particular focus outlined here.

First Age: The Age of Preparation – from youth to our early 20s.

In the First Age we develop the basic skills and knowledge needed to support the maturity and independence that adulthood requires. This is a time of growth and development. We experience formal learning, test the envelope of our environment, and explore what we are attracted to in terms of work/career.

Second Age: The Age of Achievement – our early 20s through our 40s.

In the Second Age we seek to find our place in the adult world, take on responsibilities, earn status, establish a family and/or rhythm of life, expand or social networks, and form part of a community. Our adult identity is established.

Third Age: The Age of Fulfilment – roughly age 50 – 75.

In our Third Age, with our roles in our family changing, and through a shifting career or work focus, we can look more deeply within ourselves to find what gives us a sense of meaning, purpose and passion.

We may experience a “midlife crisis” where we begin to ask:
“Is this all there is?”
“What was all that hard work and effort for?”
“What else is there for me?”
“What is really important to me?”

By being open to exploring our answers to these questions, we can shift from living according to the expectations of others to living authentically for ourselves

From the vantage point of long and varied experience we can clarify what is important to us and plan how we want to spend our remaining time.
We may wish to revisit some of what we put aside along the way, clear out unwanted emotional and physical baggage, heal old wounds and see where we want to grow to become more balanced and whole. We can make intentional choices about how we want to live and focus on the legacy we wish to leave behind us.

Fourth Age: The Age of Completion.

This last stage of our life allows us to review our lives and revel in the joy of each new day while we prepare for whatever we believe comes next.
This is a time of ever more heightened awareness and growing acceptance of our mortality All of our life is in one sense a preparation for this stage.
Growing to our full potential and living fully in Third Age will allow us to enter even more completely and wholly into this stage of completion.


The Third Age is a major life phase which actually begins whenever the opinions and achievements of the external world become less important and we begin to ask questions about what it all means, what really matters to us and how we want to be more mindful and intentional about how we choose to live and work. It involves a major shift for many of us from living according to the expectations of others to living even more authentically, from the inside out.

External achievements and successes such as status, position, and income no longer motivate us as they once did.  The opinions and achievements of the external world become less important. It’s our own opinion that matters more to us now.

So what plans, if any, have you made for your Third Age?

Are you ready?

Contact me, Pam, if you would like assistance in planning for your Third Age.  I offer various options: from one-to-one coaching, email courses and soon online courses too.  Watch this space.  🙂

Consequential Carers logo15 March 2018 – Consequential Carers Facebook Group

I was thrilled to be invited to be a guest blogger by the awesome Norq from Ork.

My blog’s aim is to spread the word about a new Facebook group I have created as a kind, safe and supportive space for anyone who has become a carer for a loved one. The group is called Consequential Carers.

Please spread the word to anyone you know who might benefit from connecting with other carers. There’s already a fabulously supportive discussion in progress.

Here’s the link to Norq from Ork’s blog: https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/106095878/posts/19916

Retirement Uk - Second Edition15 March 2018 – Retirement UK – Second Edition

I am delighted to announce that I have now uploaded a second edition of my e-book “Retirement UK” to Amazon. I have expanded a few areas and there’s a new chapter, thirteen, because I’m not superstitious.

If you have already bought “Retirement UK”, many thanks. I hope you found it useful. Please remember to leave a review and spread the word.  I would love to connect with more people approaching mid-life and wondering what’s next for them.  This short book is a great way of starting the thinking process in this area.

If you have previously asked Amazon to automatically send Kindle book updates to your devices (in your Amazon account “Settings”), you should be able to see the new edition.  If not, turn on automatic updates for your books from the Manage Your Content and Devices page.

There’s no charge for this update.

Here are further instructions from Amazon:

Before you enable the Automatic Book Update feature, make sure Whispersync for Books is turned on for your device or supported Kindle reading app to sync your notes, highlights, bookmarks and furthest page read. Whispersync for Books is enabled automatically on Fire tablets and can’t be turned off.

1. Go to the Manage Your Content and Devices (www.amazon.co.uk/mycd) page.
2. Select the “Settings” tab from the left navigation bar.
3. Under the section titled “Automatic Book Updates”, select On.

If you still cannot see my updated edition of “Retirement UK” (it says “Second edition published 2018 inside the cover) try deleting the book from your device and uploading from your library again.

If you’ve still no joy with any of the above, contact Amazon and they can update the edition on your device.

Anyone purchasing “Retirement UK” for the first time, or reading it for free with “Kindle Unlimited” will automatically see the updated second edition.

Happy reading!

If you would like one-to-one assistance with making changes and planning for your future, please contact me for a free, friendly discussion to explore how I can help you.


Is today the icing on your cake

14 March 2018 – Is today the “icing on your cake”?

On my local walks and cycle-runs I often pass our small local church and graveyard.  A gravestone beside the path for Pamela Joan caught my attention because I’m a Pamela, and my elder sister is called Joan.

Pamela Joan died in 1991 at the age of just 39, leaving three children and a loving husband.

A newer plaque in front tells me that, sadly, Pamela Joan’s daughter Emma also died at almost the same age as her Mum in 2016.

I always say “Hello” to Pamela Joan and Emma when I pass, because they remind me how lucky I am to still be here and loving every day of my life at age 57.

These days are the “icing on my cake”. Are they for you too?

If not, it’s time to make a change.

I’m a Change Strategist. Contact me, without obligation, to discuss how I can assist you.

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