Welcome to 3RO Ltd – Life-Coaching for You!

My name is Pam Jenkinson.  After decades of working in the UK pensions industry, I help people to plan for life after retirement – to make those years the best years of your life.

I also assist people to deal with other changes, such as redundancy and career change.

I will:

  • help you clarify your current position, and identify the change you wish to make;
  • assist you to plan a strategy to make it happen; and
  • provide ideas and support as you progress on your journey.

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One-to-one life-coaching sessions  are provided, tailored to your specific needs; either face-to-face, online or by telephone.

My company’s name, 3RO, was inspired by the four principles illustrated below.

I believe all effective coaching sessions are based on:  Respect;  Rapport;  Resource and Outcome

Contact me, Pam, to discuss how I can assist you.

You are unique.  I will provide a unique service for you.

Respect Rapport Resource Outcome
3RO Respect related words 3RO Rapport related words Resourceful related words 3RO Outcome related words
“Everyone has their own model of the world”.  I will be fully respectful of your current perspective, while offering possible alternatives. I will provide a coaching environment where you can feel safe and comfortable to discuss what you want and to share your thoughts with me. I will give you “homework” to explore between coaching sessions, to ensure you gain optimum benefit and value-for-money from our times together. At the start of each session we will establish what you wish to achieve.  At the end, we will review your progress, and agree a next step.